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The inimitably Le Bristol experience extends to our in-house dining too. Le Bristol has become synonymous with exceptional catering, banqueting and cuisine. Indulge in our
fine food in the privacy of your room or at one of our enticing in-house dining outlets.


  • Les Gourmandises Verdun

    At Le Bristol, good food is more than pleasure, it’s a tradition. Caterers of distinction, we make sure that when you come for lunch at Les Gourmandises or you grab a cup of coffee in our traditional Damascene room or Salon Oriental, you leave wanting more.


  • Villa Linda Sursock

    The gorgeous Villa Linda Sursock is located in the heart of one of the quieter parts of Ashrafieh: the iconic Sursock street. It is idyllic for social & corporate events where guests can enjoy its magnificent setting. The exceptional venue includes a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, luxurious bathrooms and a suite for the newlyweds to retire to during the evening.

  • Lobby Lounge

    Ideal meeting point, right at the entrance of le Bristol, the lobby lounge reflects sophistication and relaxation ina unique top-of-the line setting.

  • The Courtyard

    Enjoy a drink outdoors, come rain or shine, at the Courtyard of Le Bristol. your refreshments were never taken in a more picturesque setting where you can dive into natural scenes of greens and woods right at the heart of the city.

  • B.Pool -Pool Bar

    Chill out during the hot summer days with your favorite refreshment and snacks in hand and let the sun and positive vibes sink in. The pool bar welcomes you for a casual and relaxing time in a delightful atmosphere.

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